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respond to your fans
comments ,likes, and shares automatically responded to with your custom message!

The fast, easy and effective way to respond. 

Are people talking about your facebook page,
and you're not talking back?

Do you respond when a fan comments, likes or shares?

Or, do you leave them hanging? 

Respond. Every time.

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Sample Response
Each time a fan clicks like, comment or share your page sends your custom response,
powered by
 the  hifive app for facebook.

When fans talk. Respond.

 Powered by hifive for facebook

 hifive responds with your custom message every time!

 Get your fan pages talking back.

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For all the fan pages you administer.
Powered by  hifive.

This is your hifive control panel.

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hifive app
for facebook
automated fan responder

Get more fans talking!

When fans
like, comment, or share
Respond with your own custom message!


Don't leave them hanging...
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When your fans like, comment or share your posts, what do you do?


Talk back. Now!

 hifive app lets you set your custom responses to automatic.

So sit back and relax.
Send your own customized  responses
powered by  hifive and
watch your fans start talking about you!
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